My name is Marko.

I’m an Entrepreneur that pushes people to follow their dreams instead of sticking to the status quo. I study at Union College as a Philosophy major but I always have an eye out for new and exciting opportunities beyond the horizon.

In my free time (and pseudo-free time), I read nonfiction, hang out with my friends (whose else’s friends would I hang out with!?), but mostly push my dreams against the tides of life.

Also, I’m obsessed with ideas. Good ideas to be precise. Good, counterintuitive, and revolutionary ideas.

One idea in particular is that Entrepreneurship is a LIFESTYLE, not a career opportunity.

Entrepreneurship has been a passion of mine as of the past few years. It’s not because I crave the fame and fortune of those guys who invented the iPod (No, not Steve Jobs). Life just seems much more exhilarating when you tinker with problems without visible solutions.

I don’t think that changing the world is as difficult as people make it seem. Not if you’re just trying to change your world, your community’s world, your neighbor’s world, your tribe’s world. And why wouldn’t you? It’s a lot easier than trying to change all 7 continents.

But starting a business is not the only way to change the world, for sure. You can create a viral charity campaign. You can become a rockstar. You can snap a heartwarming photo that tugs at the heart strings. All of these things are game changers and entrepreneurial too, dontcha know!

This website is primarily a blog. But not a “Dear Diary, my first kiss” sort of blog. I would much rather describe it as a “Welcome to Life the Way I See It” sort of blog.

Seth Godin famously said that “ideas that spread, win”. I fully agree with this, and did I tell you that I’m obsessed with ideas?

That’s why as you go through my blog posts, you’ll be exposed to not only ideas of my own, but those from the minds of other geniuses- famous and not all alike. I promise it won’t be the same old same old either because I’ve noticed these past few years that I tend to have a perspective that greatly differs from the people around me. Sometimes I am contrarian, other times I’m just on a whole different wavelength than other people.

It has been my experience this far that those who read my blog have witnessed this unique perspective in my writing. I hope you will too. The last thing anyone needs is someone telling you to follow your passion. (I much prefer a ‘head in the clouds,feet on the ground’ approach to life).

But this website is also a library. A library of remarkable movies, books, articles, online videos, and anything else that needs to be remembered.

I do this for 2 reasons.

1. I am a very disorganized person that finds comfort when everything is neatly stored in one place.

2. The internet is about sharing. Who am I to hog up all the good resources on the web for myself?

So without any further ado, I’d like to welcome you to my website, Thanks for stopping by!

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